April 6, 2011

NPHW 2011 – Injury Prevention Starts At Play

As part of National Public Health Week, the American Public Health Association (APHA) wants to remind you injury prevention starts at play! Here at Mastery Technologies, we encourage the same vigilance with which you regard safe work practices to be applied to the activities you enjoy outside of work.
Personal protective equipment and other safety precautions do not only apply to your work life, they also apply to free time. Playing a sport or enjoying other recreational activities should be fun, but you also must be safe.
Just as you should never forget your hard hat or fall protection at work, you must always remember to wear the proper protective equipment for leisure activities. Slips, trips and falls happen everywhere, and other hazards such as heat stress are not limited to being active at work. There are plenty of hazards which do not go away as you leave your place of employment, so safety needs to always be a top priority.
Adults need to set good examples for children, demonstrating how to make safe choices every time. The one time you forget to wear your bicycle helmet, could also be the one time the driver rounding the corner doesn’t see you coming.
Visit nphw.org for some steps you can take to prevent injury while at play.
Come back for more on this year’s National Public Health Week.

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