April 5, 2012

Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Disciplining an employee is right behind termination when it comes to most leaders’ least favorite tasks. Disciplining employees does not have to be negative; it  can be a positive experience for you and the person being corrected. Learn positive coaching techniques with How to Discipline in a Positive Way.
As a leader you have accepted responsibility for your team now and you need them to be fully present. Leadership: 5 Steps to Engage Your Team provides five steps you can use right away to increase team involvement.

Delegation is a task even experienced leaders sometimes struggle with. The struggle may be tied to being unsure anyone else has the skills to satisfactorily complete the task or you may not be sure you can clearly articulate the assignment requirements. Either way, help is here in the form of training, Leadership: 5 Steps to Delegation.
If you are a first time supervisor or leader you understand how daunting taking on this role can feel. Suddenly you are responsible for leading former co-workers, on top of completing other new tasks such as conflict resolution, planning and prioritizing, development, training, coaching and leading by example. Relief is in sight, the Video On Demand training, Tips for the First Time Supervisor provides simple methods for navigating your new role.
Reap the benefits of one or all of these leadership competency courses found on Mastery.com.

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