September 28, 2015

Positivity is key for leadership positions

A positive mindset can go a long way in a management leadership position.

A positive mindset can go a long way in a management leadership position.

What makes a great leader? There are many traits a great leader can and should possess, but which is the most important? The answer will vary greatly depending on who is asked and in what context, but recent research is pointing to an idea many have believed all along: positivity.
The work week can be grueling at times, but with the right attitude and leadership on your side, the day doesn’t have to end badly. 
According to research conducted by Dana Joseph, Ph.D., at the University of Central Florida, the key to great leadership may be positivity, a simple, better outlook on life.
The research found that there is a relationship between trait positivity (or the likelihood to respond to situations in a positive manner) and the real effectiveness of a leader. 11 percent of the variance in leadership effectiveness in the study was due to the trait positive effect.
In comparison, a negative attitude impacted leadership effectiveness and accounted for 6 percent of variance, meaning the less happy a person was, the less likely he or she would be a successful leader.
The study’s key finding was that happier leaders demonstrate a management style known as transformational leadership, which means they are skilled at inspiring their workers, motivating their team and stimulating them intellectually, according to Business Insider.
The study is not suggesting leaders should be happy all the time, but rather that the hiring process or promotion process for new leaders is one that should be focused on their positivity in all aspects of their role.
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