March 13, 2013

Prove Your Customer Service Skills Over the Phone

The Telephone Doctor, Nancy Friedman, shares the top pet peeves customers have regarding service over the phone in the course, “10 Core Skills to Delivering Excellent Service over the Phone.” The better able you are at handling the customer the more valuable you are as an employee and the more you will grow and gain confidence in the impact you are able to make with your work.

There are 10 essential skills when it comes to delivering outstanding customer service:

  1.  Answering a business call (use a 3 part greeting; buffer words, company and department name and your name)
  2. Knowing how to put a caller on hold (#1 pet peeve to the majority of callers)
  3. Thanking the caller for holding
  4. Monogramming the call
  5. Avoiding excuses
  6. Giving spoken feedback signals
  7. Being prepared
  8. Controlling the conversation
  9. Avoiding mouth noises
  10. Leaving a positive last impression

It is important to remember the entire impression of the organization is based on how you handle the call – give your customers the service they deserve in trusting in your company for their business.  This training course helps customer service representatives stay focused on creating positive experiences for their customers.

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