October 23, 2015

The real benefit of respect in the workplace

Respect is an essential way to spur creativity in the office.

Respect is an essential way to spur creativity in the office.

How important is respect in the office? The answer may be obvious, but that doesn’t mean every workplace is willing or able to implement it properly.
Mutual respect between employees, in terms of work practices and new learning initiatives is essential for proper interactions, as well as development and completing tasks.
Respect can also spur creativity. 
According to a recent study conducted by University of Michigan professor Jane Dutton, employees who are treated with respect are able to reach higher levels of creativity than those who are not. By engaging through respectful means, employees increase their creativity, in both individual and team settings. 
“Organizations are fertile terrains for interrelating that can either build or destroy
human accomplishments including creativity,” Dutton said. “Across our studies, we demonstrate that respectful engagement is more than simply a nice way to interact, but is a catalyst and cultivator of creativity.”
Some of the most common respectful behaviors employees can take part in include recognizing other workers, listening to their needs and making requests instead of demands when issues occur.
By enabling habits that may be considered annoying or rude by other employees, such as ignoring prevalent issues, failing to meet deadlines or lack of participation in team efforts, 60 percent of employees indicated that their work ethic had been compromised. In addition 40 percent said these issues would cause them to look for employment elsewhere.
Keep the following three tips in mind for respectful interactions in the workplace:

  • Adopt and maintain a positive attitude toward helping others and remedying issues. By remaining positive, emotions will be better kept in place and the problem can be resolved.
  • Be inclusive during team activities and after-office outings. Including others means they are a part of the team and that their voice matters.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes. Taking charge will help alleviate the situation in a more efficient manner.

Creating a culture of innovation is a great way to attract and maintain an effective workforce.

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