May 17, 2013

Welcome Two New Partners: Advanced Knowledge and Sonic Performance Support

The unveiling of our third generation Video On Demand (VOD) platform has brought about new opportunities as we have finally eliminated all barriers to using mobile devices for online training; which leads to another thrilling announcement, of two new content partners, Advanced Knowledge, Inc., and Sonic Performance Support.  Both of these partners offer unique business skills training.  We are publishing their content on our upgraded Video On Demand format. Allow us to introduce both partners:
Advanced Knowledge
Since 1997 Advanced Knowledge, Inc. has developed, produced and distributed training and educational products and services used by corporations around the world.  Many of their courses use historical events, Hollywood movies and public figures to demonstrate the best business practices discussed in the training.  These real-life examples are turned into case studies, which are easy to relate to and easy to comprehend.  Using Advanced Knowledge courses will help stimulate and encourage learning for increased productivity at any organization.   Some examples of content include, decision-making and its consequences, team work, and business communication.
Sonic Performance Support
These easily understood and thorough training videos help computer users understand how to make the most of Microsoft Office programs and become familiar with the Windows 7 operating system.  Productivity typically goes down when users migrate to a new software of any kind. Minimize drops in productivity with training, and take the guesswork out of transitioning to Office 2010 and Windows 7.  These training videos explore the features in Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Windows. Some of our new titles offer overviews of complete programs or detailed instruction on specific features within a program.
Both partners will be offered on the VOD platform and available at

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